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Character Interview - Tomas Medina - Desperate Measures

Cindy Cromer is a scientist with degrees in Chemistry and president of a laboratory network. She has written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents. In her new endeavor, writing mystery novels, she utilizes some of her career experience into her plots, but doesn’t overwhelm the reader with scientific jargon. She has recently been selected as one of the "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading."

Congratulations, Cindy, on your recent accomplishment of being selected as one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading!

Cindy Cromer shared time with us in April of 2011, allowing us a little insight into who this new author was in a two part interview.  Part One - Part Two

In May 2011, Desperate Measures, her first novel, released.

In October 2012, we spoke with Jack Spencer.

Today, I am happy to present to you an interview with another character from Desperate Measures. Enjoy the show!

Television Host: Thank you audience for tuning in. We have another special guest, right out of the pages of Desperate Measures, FBI Senior Special Agent, Tomas Medina. He’s here tonight brought to life from the ink and paper that the author, Cindy Cromer, created him from. Tomas was thrust into the mystery and hidden family secrets of Caitlin Spencer Martel’s family. When she received a threat, Tomas was first called to St. Kitts unofficially by his boss, Scott Martel, Caitlin’s husband, after Caitlin received the first threat. When he arrives his duties are minimal and he agrees to babysit the Martel’s children while they finalize details with the local police. Tomas’s status is upgraded when the third threat against Caitlin is delivered. Tomas plays a pivotal role in the drama when he uncovers some clues in Scott’s FBI mandatory background check. He keeps his findings to himself until he can gather more information. Tomas is a unique character in the book as he has some comedy scenes but is also embroiled in some very serious parts of the plot. My other guests from this book became riled up and defensive during the interview. I’m going to try a different tactic with Tomas tonight. Let’s see if we get him to reveal what really happened on that island.

Host: Welcome to the show, Agent Medina. You played quite an important role in Desperate Measures, didn’t you?

Tomas beams with pride 

Tomas: Yes I did!

Host: The author and your creator has been interviewed several times since the book has been released. She’s been asked many times who she’d choose as the actors in the movie and in each interview she states that Josh Duhamel would be perfect in the role of Tomas. How do you feel about that choice?
Tomas’s smile broadens 

Tomas: How do I feel about that? Great! Josh is gorgeous and a hunk. Without a doubt he could play my part and win an academy award. He’s a talented actor who can combine comedy with drama in his roles. I can’t wait to see the film when I’m driving around on the island.

The host pauses for a moment to gauge the demeanor of his guest. Tomas appears relaxed and ready to talk so the host presses on. 

Host: Tell us about that scene, it was quite comical in the book.

Tomas: At first I was pissed but looking back it was pretty funny. Here I am a city boy used to driving in sprawling metropolises such as New York City or Miami. Suddenly I’m on a beautiful Caribbean Island where they drive on the left and the road barely has enough asphalt to hold a motorcycle. To top it all off I have a nine year old know-it-all passenger making wise cracks at me when I made a wrong turn and went up this huge mountain. Let me tell you, I almost soiled my shorts and my knuckles are still cramped from gripping the steering wheel. There was no place to turn around and in my peripheral vision I saw this rock formation to my right and on my left a straight drop off into the Atlantic sea. That guard rail would have done nothing to stop the car if I swerved suddenly, we would have cascaded off the mountain right into the turquoise blue water. I won’t even tell you about what happened when we got to the congested area of downtown Basseterre.  

Tomas pauses and grins.

Tomas continues: Yeah, Josh could play my role really, really well.

Host: But you did have some serious scenes too, didn’t you?
Tomas’s jovial expression changes to anger.

Tomas: Of course I had serious scenes! They wouldn’t have been as dramatic if those secret hiding idiots had come forth earlier and I wouldn’t have been placed in a perilous situation and almost …. Well you know what happens to me in the book.

Host: It sounds as if you almost died but survived.

Tomas: Yeah, unfortunately I lived to tell this tale. I’m relieved I get a reprieve from the second book, Desperate Deceptions, that the author Cindy somebody conjured up. However, I understand she has a plot in place surrounding me and my own storyline.

Host: Wow! That’s something, your own plot. Do you think you’ll be the protagonist or antagonist? Also what skeletons will she pull out of your closet, Tomas?

The host knew he pushed a button and wasn’t surprised when his guest shot out of the chair. 

Tomas: I don’t know what my role is but I do know that I don’t harbor any hidden secrets. I’m a federal agent and my past and complete history is documented in my FBI mandatory background check.

Tomas stormed off the set. 

Host: Well folks, this cast of Desperate Measures is getting very complex. Tomas’s last comment left me puzzled. Didn’t Scott Martel’s FBI background check hold a piece of the puzzle? These characters still have something they’re hiding and we need to find out what it is. I’d love to bring Barry Solerno on the show but he’s embroiled in the latest drama unfolding in Desperate Deceptions. Maybe Caitlin’s brother Dean will agree to talk to us next time. He’s just a surfer dude with no interests beyond the beach, surfing, and women. Maybe he has suppressed memories and can divulge some family secrets. Stay tuned for our next show.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Sounds like my kind of book. In fact, it's on my list of BTR. Best of luck with marketing, Cindy. Thanks, Cher!

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Interesting interview and sounds like a good book to get.

Cher Green said...

Joylene and Terry,

Thanks for stopping by. It's a great book. :) Keeps you guessing till the end.

thecromers said...

Thank you for the comments,Joylene and Terry. A special thanks to Cher for inviting me to partake in the Voices of Fiction blog and hosting these crazy but funny interviews with the characters I've created.

Cher Green said...

Cindy, You're very welcome. Always nice to have you on the blog.

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