Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry Week

Throughout next week, I will be posting some poems of mine that have been previously published in anthologies. I hope you enjoy them.

I still dabble from time to time with poetry, but when I was younger it was my main outlet of expression. Poetry is a wonderful form of communication.

My favorite poet would be Emily Dickinson.

Do you have a favorite poet?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fiction or Non-Fiction

As writers, we struggle to fit our love into our life. We produce, submit, and shrug when yet another rejection arrives in our mail. "Maybe, next time," you say. We continue to create our fiction worlds and send them out for an editor's approval.

Is it worth it? Yes. If you don't believe me, ask my friend, Terry W. Ervin II, author of Flank Hawk. It may take you years to break through the publishing world, but think of the joy you'll experience when it happens.

Until then, is it wrong to dabble in the world of non-fiction? Are you selling out on your fiction dreams? Not really. While you're publishing, even non-fiction, you are putting your name out there for others to see. You could consider this a form of self-promotion, preparing the world for your fiction.

Is the non-fiction world easier to break into? I'd say yes, if you have the qualities of a good writer. There seems to be a bigger market for non-fiction pieces. I have not researched rather the quantity is higher than the market for fiction, but when it comes to fiction magazines, how many are you aware of? It just seems that the magazine industry publishes more non-fiction than it does fiction.

This is not to say to quit submitting your fiction. You can't get published unless you send it out. Also, the more you send out, the higher your chances will become. Don't gage your possibilities by how many other writers are sending work out. In this game, it's you against the opinion of an editor. The more he sees your name cross his desk, the more likely he'll give you that break if you write quality work.

One avenue of breaking into the world of writing is to publish articles with an online company. There are many out there willing to pay you for your written articles. The income is pennies per view, but think of the experience you could get from the writing and setting an actual deadline for finishing a piece.

A couple of these locations are eHow and the Examiner. These are only two out of a hundred or more. Research your possibilities and choose what best meets your abilities. Google 'writers wanted' and you will find a lot of possibilities.

Good luck in your ventures as a writer. Feel free to share opportunities you find. A writer is always looking for new outlets and opportunities.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Columbia Tarot Examiner

I've signed up as the new Columbia Tarot Examiner. So far, this seems like the real deal. I've already started making a few cents. :) They are currently hiring Examiners in multiple fields. If anyone is interested, take a look around the site. There's a spot that said 'write for us'. That will take you to the application form. Please, if you sign up, use me as a referral. I receive a little bonus for bringing other Examiners on board.

In other news, I'm offering a drawing for a free tarot reading on my tarot blog. You have to comment on the post today to be qualified. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Writer for Ehow

I started writing for Ehow today and wanted to share the news with you. I've added a link at the top of the page entitled, 'Articles'. I will keep the links updated there.

I'll keep you updated on how the process works and if I have any luck making any money. I'm not totally sure how it works, but I believe you get paid per views and per comments. So, if you have the time. Click on the link and leave a short comment.

I appreciate your support.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Interview with Terry W. Ervin II

Terry W. Ervin II, the author of Flank Hawk, was nice enough to allow me to interview him. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

What was the idea germ that developed into Flank Hawk? What was your first thought that led you toward this story?

The initial thought that sparked the novel occurred while I was driving home from work in my 1990 Ford Ranger (which has been retired and replaced with a 2007 Chevy Colorado). I was thinking about a few of the books I’d recently reread, Zelazny’s Guns of Avalon and Harry Turtledove’s World War: In the Balance. One of the main turning points in Guns of Avalon occurs when Prince Corwin finds a way to get gunpowder to function in the magical city of Amber. In the Balance is an alternate history SF novel about an alien invasion during the height of World War II. The disparity in technology between the invaders and humanity is a major element in the novel’s plotline. I began to ponder, what would happen if a dragon encountered a World War II aircraft? Okay, maybe one can see how the line of thought formed. From there I began to devise a world where such an encounter could take place.

Then, I created the people and creatures that would inhabit the world, how it came to be, and the long-running, multilayered power struggle that would come to influence events in the plot that I was devising. Finally Krish and Lilly, Roos and Road Toad emerged—the main characters in the novel.

Are there plans for more adventures of Krish? If so, when can the readers expect to be able to continue the journey?

Yes, there is a second First Civilization’s Legacy novel in the works. I have the basics of the plot--where the story will start and how it should end, and most of the major events along the way. Right now I am working out a few minor hitches with the creatures (wyverns, centaurs, and a type of lycanthrope—at least for my world). Although I have the files set up and ready to go, the actual writing, I suspect, will begin by the end of January.

Krish will be back, still serving as Grand Wizard Seelain’s bodyguard, and the Colonel of the West was correct—they’re gonna want that malevolent Blood-Sword back. You might be able to guess who’s asked to go and fetch it. As for the reason—well, that will have to wait to be learned when the next novel comes out, hopefully before 2010 ends.

Who would you say inspired you the most to become a writer?

Honestly, I don’t think there is anyone who inspired me to become a writer. Back, I think it was in 1998 or 1999, I figured I’d better get started on a promise I’d made to myself, to write a novel.

There are a couple folks who kind of blazed a trail for me. Bill Justice was a guy I met in college. He was far more outgoing and a chance taker than me. We were pretty close, even serving as best man in each other’s wedding. Cancer took him less than two years after he served as best man in my wedding. Another individual was a fellow English teacher, Darla Boram. Ever undaunted, in her own way she modeled for me when and where to take a chance and see what happens. She was one of my 'readers' and was working on a novel herself when a heart attack took her all too soon.

Writers who have influenced me the most would be Steven Brust, Stephen R. Donaldson, Michael Moorcock, Roger Zelazny, Elizabeth Boyer, Fred Saberhagen and C. Dean Andersson.

Now a really cool thing is that C. Dean Andersson blurbed my novel, Flank Hawk. On the advice of a fellow writer (Sandra Kring) I contacted as many of my favorite fantasy authors as I could (not as easy as it immediately sounds), and asked them if they’d be willing to read an ARC (advanced review copy) of Flank Hawk and provide a blurb if they liked it enough. Most replied, and most of them, usually through their agent, indicated they were quite busy and simply didn’t have the time. Obviously, C. Dean Andersson wasn’t one of them. If readers are interested, he briefly discusses it in a review for Flank Hawk on

I could go into the way each author influenced my writing, but that’d take quite a bit of space. Anyone wanting to know the details can contact me and I’d be most happy to share the information.

Is there an inspirational quote that you tend to call upon during times of doubt?

No, not really.

But I will give you a quote, part of a song from The Wounded Land, by Stephen R. Donaldson. Bear with me, because it ties into my answer for your last question. They’re words, like a poem, that I actually remember:

“Oh, Andelain! forgive! For I am doomed to fail this war.
I cannot bear to see you die—and live,
Foredoomed to bitterness and all the gray Despiser’s lore.
But while I can I heed the call
Of green and tree; and for their worth,
I hold the glaive of Law against the Earth.” –Caer-Caverall, the Forestal of Andelain

Is there anything you'd like to say to aspiring writers out there?

What I’d like to say is: While the road to completing a novel-length manuscript is long—months often stretching into years of writing and research and editing and revising—even before the submission process begins. And while the odds of finding success (publication) at the end of that road are long, maybe even seeming impossible, you need to persevere. For, if you do not complete a project and submit it, you absolutely cannot succeed. And while that first project is out on submission, begin the writing process again, learning from the first effort and improving both storytelling ability and the skill at putting it to paper.

Think on that while re-reading the section of Caer-Caverall’s song above. One of the themes prominent in Donaldson’s Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series is to resist despair. Hopefully, the parallel is apparent.

Terry W. Ervin II is an English teacher who enjoys writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is an editor for the speculative fiction magazine MindFlights and a guest contributor to Fiction Factor, an ezine for writers. His short fiction has appeared in a number of places including Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, The Sword Review, and Fear and Trembling. Gryphonwood Press released his debut novel FLANK HAWK in October 2009.

To contact Terry or learn more about his writing endeavors visit his website at:
Purchase your copy of Flank Hawk at: Amazon

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flank Hawk by Terry W. Ervin II

Flank Hawk will sweep you away and take you to a magical world.

Terry W. Ervin II did a brilliant job writing this debut novel. There's never a dull moment as we follow Krish, a farmhand turned mercenary, as he forges through battles. Dragons, zombies, giants, and wizards color the pages of this science fiction, fantasy novel.

Thriving as a strong individual, Krish encounters new friends, and loses honorable allies. Krish's journey is not one you want to miss.

Pick up your copy today at:

Also available in Kindle.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tarot Blog

When I first began this blog, my intentions were to include posts on the tarot. Realizing that the audience may not enjoy such topic, I refrained from adding this to my contents.

The tarot is an interest of mine, so I've started a second blog for anyone who is interested in this subject matter. I am also offering tarot readings on the blog.

If you are curious, stop by for a visit. Know someone else who enjoys the tarot, send them my way.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Act Three - Sequence Seven and Eight

Act Three- Chase, confrontation, and resolution.

Sequence Seven - Getting to the location of the battle - a plan, assembly of team, tools, training, and rehearsal. A ticking clock, race to save the victim, stop a loved one from leaving.

Sequence Eight - The fight - resolution - reintroduce the main character, who now has what she needs.

Harry Potter

Act Three - Sequence Seven (in this case eight)

The sequence opens at night with the kids sneaking out of Griffindore. The three use the cloak to sneak up to the third floor and into the forbidden room. The kids must pass many tests. Harry succeeds at the last test and moves toward their goal.

Act Three - Sequence Eight (in this case nine)

In the next chamber, Harry discovers his true opponent. Harry discovers that the stone has somehow gotten into his pants pocket and runs for it. Voldemort, a worthy opponent, tries to entice Harry to join him with the promise of bringing back his parents. Harry refuses. Voldemort loses his access to Quirrell's body and flies out of the chamber. Harry collapses.

Harry wakes up in the school infirmary. Harry learns that his win was the result of his mother's sacrifice to save him. The three kids are reunited.

The Finale is the Great Hall scene, the closing ceremonies of the school. Then we move to the kids boarding the train to go back to the ordinary world.

I hope you've enjoyed this little walk through the three acts and brought something helpful away from it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Act Two - Part Two - Sequence Five and Six

First, I will say don't be confused by the sequence numbers. With Harry Potter, we have an extra sequence, so it does through the numbers off.

In Act Two, Part Two, the character continues to try to reach his/her goal. Again, each sequence will represent an attempt and an outcome. The climax of Part Two should give yet another glimpse of the central question. At this point the story should shift directions and prepare the reader for the major climax of the story.

Back to Harry and his adventures:

Act Two - Sequence Five (in this case Sequence Six) - This sequence begins in the Great Hall with talk of the coming Quiddich match and Harry's distrust of Snape. Harry receives a gift from one of his mentors.

We then shift to an action scene of the match. Near the end of the match, Harry's broom goes crazy and Hermione suspects Snape as being the attacker. She uses her magic to attack Snape and Harry's broom returns to normal. Harry wins the match.

The kids learn more about the three-headed dog from Hagrid.

Act Two - Sequence Six (in this case Sequence Seven) - A shot of snow flying, shifts the story to a new passage of time. The boys stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and Hermione leaves them in charge of getting into the restricted section the library.

Christmas morning, Harry receives the cloak of invisibility which gives him access to the restricted section, where he finds a book on Nicholas Flammel, becomes scared, and is chased by Fitch and his cat. Deception is spawned from his witnessing a fight between Snape and Quirrell.

Harry finds the mirror of desire and sees his parents. Extremely attracted by the sight, we seem him back at the mirror in the next scene and the Mirror is explained by Dumbledore.

Another passage of time brings the three kids back together to learn more of Nicholas Flammel and the Sorcerer's Stone.

At Hagrid's we learn of the baby dragon and the three plus Draco get in trouble for leaving the house. Detention is to be held at Hagrid's hut. (Real big punishment right?) Hagrid takes them into the Dark Forest. Set of together, Harry and Draco, to search for the unicorn killer the two come into contact with Voldemort.

Back at Griffindore, Harry shares his fears.

Another time pass: End of the term exams. Hagrid's been given a dragon's egg and the kids are skeptical of the givers intentions. Dumbledore is gone from the school. The kids plan to guard the door to what they think will lead to the stone in the Head Master's absence.

This opens up for the Final plan and confrontation of Act Three.

I want to say, there is a much more detailed outline of this at: .

I had the passing thought that some may think I'm taking credit for someone else's hard work on outlining this movie. This is actually my attempt to better understand the process. Go to the link above, for Alexandra goes a lot deeper into the story and shows you the Red Herrings within the story and some of the different aspects of the story such as "The Attack on the Hero" and "Gifts from Mentor". Throughout the story, there are items foreshadowing on future acts and she does a great job at pointing some of them out.

Till next time, keep writing and share your thoughts.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Today is the first day to an amazing year. I hope everyone is prepared for its greatness.

2010 is going to be the year for new things and great opportunities.

What? You don't agree? I only have one thing to say to that. Life is what you make it.

Choose your goals wisely, work hard to achieve them, and you won't be disappointed.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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