Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Writing Motivation

You will read over and over again, writers write because they have to. While this is for the largest percentage true, most writers expect to one day benefit financially from their efforts.

I do not like to write - I like to have written. ~Gloria Steinem

Writing is hard work. Where do you find motivation to continue pouring the words out again and again? Do you focus on the end result? Do you dream of one day receiving payment?

I write with publication as my goal. Money is grand, but it’s not the focus of my journey. Sharing my creations, my characters and their journeys, is my main objective.

But how can you stay motivated when you aren’t allowed to share because of rejection?

Consider the following:

• Each word, each sentence, you write brings you closer to honing your skills.
• Each story you complete is one more that will, one day, find its way into a reader’s hands.
• Writing is beneficial for the soul. Explore your characters, and you will see reflections of yourself within the text.
• Creation is our strongest talent. Everyone creates in their own way, yours is writing stories.
• You can find therapy within your writing. Are you prone to nightmares? Insert those monsters into your stories, and your dreams will turn more peaceful.

How do you stay motivated?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writer's Website

It seems a writer’s presence is important when it comes to the writing world. A writer who has already established a following can produce more advertising for their published work. Advertising equals sales in the publishing industry.

How do you set up a writer’s presence? The internet supplies a web of sources: Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Websites, and Newsletters. I’m sure there are more out there. Feel free to comment on other avenues.

I recently decided to set up my own Writer’s Website. My blog has shown growth over the last couple of years. With three publications under my belt and a novel in progress, I felt it may be time.

Do you have to be published to start a writer’s website? Not at all, but I felt that having sample work to offer was important, so I waited.

What do you include on your website? I’ve spent a few days dancing around the web, and it seems the following things are important:

• Biography – a section about you will establish a personal connection with the public.
• Contact Information – supply a way for the public and editors to reach out.
• Photo- a photo is not necessary, but it gives the public a face to put with the name.
• Testimonials – comments from readers of your work gives you credibility.
• Sample Work – giving the public a taste of what you write builds a following of readers.
• Personality – let your website show the public you as a person.

Again, I’m sure there’s more content that can be included and possibly should be included. Feel free to make suggestion in the comments.

Another issue may be how to set up a website. Weebly, for me, was a good starting point. The site makes it easy to produce your site and provides many options. You will also have the opportunity to remove ‘weebly’ from your address by purchasing your own domain.

I chose to keep the ‘weebly’ address for now, but it is important to look professional. So when I feel more confident in my format, I will purchase my own domain.

My website link: http://chergreen.weebly.com/ .

I welcome comments on my website and any suggestions for improvements. Also, feel free to post your own website link in the comments. One way to decide a layout for your website is to look at other writers’ websites.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Roses of Tomorrow

My short story, "Roses of Tomorrow", won 4th place in Spinetinglers' Monthly Contest.


The Roses of Tomorrow by Cher Green is this month's fourth place story - congratulations!

Here is what Cher had to say about her writing and how The Roses of Tomorrow took shape -

"My strong desire for word creation began at an early age. I loved to disappear within the stories others had created, and made it a goal to give this opportunity with my own creations. Life took over for a while, but about six years ago, I decided it was now or never. I've struggled through teaching myself the ins and outs of story creating, with the help of online information and how to books, but without the help of other writers, I would have never made it this far. Critique partners are a must for a writer, in my opinion. This is my third publication and is no less exciting than the first. My work has appeared at "Long Story Short" http://lssarchives.homestead.com/thekeeper.html and "Untied Shoelaces of the Mind" http://www.untiedshoelacesofthemind.com/Issue4/friends.php.

"The Roses of Tomorrow," began as a much shorter story, produced from a "what if" scenario. There are so many battered women/men who find it so hard to leave their abuser. I'm in no way condoning murder as a solution. This is fiction. I'd say my main message within this story is that everyone has a breaking point, and for Sherri it is her unborn child. The title sprang to mind in the middle of writing and stuck. I'm tempted to say this is one of those stories that wrote itself, but it did take many revisions to get it in shape. I wanted it to be unique, and so the flower garden took on a life of its own."


If you'd like to read "Roses of Tomorrow", go here.

There is a section to leave comments at the end of the story. Registration is required, but is free. Also as a member you will receive an email of each month's winner.

I welcome feedback both at the site and here on my blog.
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