Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Muse Guidance - Tarot Cards

I usually keep my tarot posts on my tarot blog to keep from offending anyone here on the writing side. But as more and more writers turn to the tarot for inspiration, I decided to share a few links here for the writers who might want to explore what I'm calling, MUSE GUIDANCE.

You can begin your journey by jumping over to my Tarot Guidance page for articles on reading the cards and some information on spreads for writers.

I do not own this book, but it seems a good place to start for the beginner. I may be putting it on my to-buy list, just haven't decided yet - Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner. Here's an interesting quote from the beginning of the book. (Writers from John Steinbeck to Stephen King have used tarot cards for inspiration, and Italian novelist Italo Calvino went so far as to call the tarot “a machine for writing stories.")

I'm also going to send you to a writer's blog - Raelyn Barclay presents a few spreads and exercises, to use for your Muse Guidance activities, along with some great links outside her blog.

That should keep you busy for a little while. If you have any questions concerning using the tarot to guide your muse, feel free to ask in comments and/or through the contact page.

The image you see above is the back of the cards - Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso. I bought these near the end of the year and have assigned them the role of Guiding My Muse. In my opinion, a separate deck should be used for creative matters. This back cover screams creativity and the images are very interesting. Stop by Tarot Guidance Thursday, Jan. 5th, for a full review on this deck.

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