Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding Time to Write

Finding Time to Write. It's an endless struggle most writers face, but is it really about the time. Or, is it commitment?

I struggle this year with this issue, but I'm slowly coming to the idea that it has nothing to do with how much time we have, rather it is how determined we are to reach our goal. Don't get me wrong, some have huge issues with time.

Tad has soccer practice, Judy has cheerleader practice, the cupboard is thinning on food, clothes need washing, and don't forget the job that pays for all this. You rush and rush, and there isn't time to think, much less write.

If you take a moment though, I bet this Mom, let's call her Sarah, could find thirty minutes a day to write, even if it's while waiting on the kids to finish practice. The question is: Do you want to spend that time writing? This is where it comes down to determination to reach your goal. You don't have to write, you can listen to the radio, read a book, or even crochet. So, do you WANT to write?

One big mistake I'm discovering is forming phrases in my head such as: I have to write or I need to write. Writing is more productive if you WANT to write. One important issue is you don't need a pen in your hand to write. Think over scenes throughout the day. This makes for a productive writing session when you do find that time to put pen to paper.

Try some affirmations to move you toward your goal.

I will write today.
I want to write today.
I am a writer because I enjoy writing.
Writing inspires me to create.
With each new thought, my story grows a little more.

Happy Writing!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Cher. Great post. I think I'm going to write the affirmations on an index card and hang it on my bulletin board.

Cher Green said...

Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

This is so true. We'll find the time if we want. We always do. I want a clean bathroom, so even though I'm not thrilled about cleaning the toilet, because I love a clean bathroom, I'll do it. Writing a certain scene can be tough. Openings can be tough. Endings can be tough. But I'll do it because I'm a writer and I love storytelling.

Great post, Cher.

Cher Green said...

Joylene, Always a pleasure to have you stop by. Love your comment on the bathroom. :) We won't discuss mine.

Aubrie said...

This is a great post! It's so true! Some days I don't want to write, so I don't make time for it. Some days I do.

Cher Green said...

Thanks Aubrie. And yes, it seems if we really want to do it, we will find the time. :)

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