Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Dreaded Middle

The middle of a story is dreaded for many reasons. Whatever your reason may be, you can never have too much advice on how to deal with it, right?

I've found two interesting posts on the subject:

Planning Your Novel's Middle by Janice Hardy
Testing the Middle:Subplots by Editortorrent

Now, I can't take credit for finding these two wonderful blogs. All credits go to Roni Loren of Fiction Groupie. Every Friday, she offers up some great links in her Fill Me In Friday: Best Links of the Week posts.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks for these links, Cher. I'm right in the middle of a new draft, so these will help a lot. Thanks!

Cher Green said...

You're welcome. Wish I could say the same, :). Can't seem to get going on mine, although it's writing itself in my head. Just have to get it onto the blank screen.

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