Monday, September 6, 2010

Critique Group Member Wanted

There is an opening in my critique group, Elysian Fields.

We reside at Authors By Design. The group is made up of multi-genre writers, both published and unpublished. We strive to help each other improve and succeed as writers. Our goals are to be successful published writers.

The posting max limit for the forum is 6000 words per week. Critiques of the posted work are expected in a timely manner. We do understand about life getting in the way. However, we all do the best we can to keep up with current activity.

To maintain activity, the group meets on most Thursdays at 7:30 Eastern Time. To qualify, you need to be available for at least 3 out of 4 chat sessions. At each meeting, a group member has the spot light and feedback is given on their work.

If interested, leave your name, genre, and contact information in the comments. You will need to provide a writing sample and the group will vote on your acceptance. If uncomfortable with leaving your information on the blog, send directly to cher438lynn @ hotmail dot com, Subject: Elysian Fields. I will then contact the administrator and we will go from there.

Have a great Labor Day!


Amanda said...

thanks for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, yw, thanks for stopping by and following.

Najela said...

leave you name, genre, and contact information i

Name: Najela
Genre: various genres mainly YA fantasy and contemporary. I do literary short stories.
You can contact me at ncobb001 at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Najela, I'm sending you an email.

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