Sunday, September 5, 2010


My short story, 'Friends Forever' has been rejected by Shroud. I received a form letter earlier this week.

Response time: less than two months.


Terry W. Ervin II said...

It happens. Find another market and send it right back out.

arbraun said...

I always get bummed out when the big four horror magazines--Shroud, Necrotic Tissue, Cemetery Dance and Shock Totem--reject my stories. Perhaps email it to me and I'll offer up a critique?

Anonymous said...

Terry, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

arbraun, Thank you. At least I know I'm hitting at the big dogs, lol. I didn't realize that Shroud was one of the top four. Now, I feel good. I've made it to the final draft twice with Shroud. Guess I need to look back at those two stories and see what I may have done there that I didn't do with this story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your rejection letter. Do you have plans to send it off to someone else?

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Susanne, Yes, I will send it back out, just not sure where yet.

You have a great day, also.

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