Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Eleven - Day Two

Creativity is a spiritual practice. It's not something that can be perfected, finished, and then set aside. As you reach plateaus, you will find another direction to go or another project to begin. An artist is never satisfied with one accomplishment; there will always be the next. And, once again you will be a beginner.

Creativity is not a business, although it can generate business. An artist should not mortgage his/her future too heavily on it. Buying that sports car may be a great delight, but when you find yourself having to write to pay for it - your new ownership becomes a burden on your artist's child.

It is important to continue to meet the inner demand of your own artistic growth, rather than stifling with outside obligations. In other words, don't take on more than you can handle.

Have you over extended yourself? Are other obligations getting in the way of your creativity? Do you blog daily, leaving only one day a week for you creativity? Do you write non-fiction articles and push her creative child to the side. Are you an architect, drawing buildings and bridges during the day, and telling your artist child you are too tired to play in the evening?

Find a way to prioritize your obligations. Remove some if necessary. Make time for your artist child. Don't quit your job and stay home with your artist child; the bills have to be paid. If you can lessen your bill load, this is another way to free up time for your child. Don't spoil your child, but give her/him the time required to allow for creative growth.

Take today to reflect on your obligations and find room for your artist child.

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