Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking the Week Off

I hate to do this in the middle of the Artist's Way, but it has to be done.

I'm working a lot of hours at my day job and I just started a writing course at the Writer's Village University.

I've tried for many years to get into the free course, F2K, and this year I finally made it. I've been told wonderful things about the courses at this site. I'll let you know of my experience. It is an eight week course and the talent 'so far' seems to be abundant.

I've also been trying to get a few of my rejected stories back out there in Editor Land. I should be posting submission updates soon. I'm even having trouble fitting this into my schedule.

The Artist's Way should be back next week, but I won't make any promises. It all depends on my work schedule, which changes from day to day.

Keep writing your daily pages. They are important and something you should continue even after you've completed your journey with the Artist's Way. Till next week, have a great week!


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Life can keep one busy and priorities have to be set. Sometimes maintaining a blog has to be put aside for a bit, or at least slowed down.

Catch up on what needs to be done and get those hours in when they're available!

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy your online writing course. Look forward to hearing about your experience with that.

Anonymous said...

Terry, yes, priorities are important.

Susanne, The first lesson has been fun. We had to have one of our characters describe us. I believe I actually discovered a little about myself during this lesson.

Aubrie said...

You'll have to tell us if the online course was helpful!

Good luck with your week off! I'm blogging less right now as well.

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, I will let you know.

Tara McClendon said...

Congrats on the writing course. I hope to hear how it goes.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I will let you all know. It's an eight week course. Will post updates on what I'm getting out of it. The Artist's Way will begin again later this afternoon.

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