Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Two - Day Two

Let's reconnect with things we love. Life take takes us away from the things we enjoy. We get busy and forget.

List 20 things you enjoy doing.

Tasks for today: Morning pages, Affirmations, and Enjoyment List.


Aubrie said...

My goodness 20!

Okay, here I go:
1.watching Lost
2.Listening to classical music
4.going out for ice cream
5.strawberry picking
8.playing my flute
10.visiting my family
11.going out to eat
13.going to the movies
14.going on walks with the dogs
15.eating cookies
16.teaching flute (not all the time, though)
17. going to weddings
18. watching old movies over and over
19.reading other people's blogs
20.dressing up really nice!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, I thought 20 was alot also. Started to break it up into two days but what the heck.

My list, but not in order of enjoyment.

1. Reading
2. Writing Fiction
3. playing with a kitten
4. watching Ghost Whisperer
5. watching Medium
6. doing Tarot Readings
7. learning more about the Tarot
8. Admiring my roses
9. Blogging
10. fishing
11. swimming
12. writing articles
13. talking to my sister
14. talking to my best friend
15. being with my boyfriend
16. Watching movies (Have you seen Avatar?!)
17. Organizing (I do this so much with my paperwork. Let it pile up and then organize it. I must like it right?
18. eating Chinese food
19. meeting new people
20. reading blogs

That wasn't so hard.

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