Monday, May 17, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Two - Day One

Week Two - Recovering a Sense of Identity.

Doubt can cause an artist to lose themselves. It is important to avoid self-doubt, caused by both internal and external sources. Make a conscious effort this week to open your mind and to pay attention.

Choose companions who support you in your goal. Stay clear of other artist who are blocked and talk of how they can't seem to find time to create. You will use these companions as excuses for yourself not to do so.

Today let's start by finding where your time goes. List your 5 major activities this week. If you do not have a set routine, you may save this exercise for the end of the week. Who's using your time besides you?

Tasks for today: Morning pages, Affirmations, and Track your time.


Aubrie said...

I am very careful about associating with people that give off negative energy. I try to surround myself with people that believe in me. Doubt can be a sinister thing!

Charmaine Clancy said...

This looks like an interesting course.

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, as I've said I'm the doubt in my journey. Can't disassociate with myself. :) I must overcome it! I hope by the end of the twelve weeks, I have.

Charmaine, I agree. Feel free to follow along. It's always good to see new faces.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I will admit that I'm not doing to great on the morning pages and affirmations. It only takes twenty minutes, but well you know. How are you doing on these two tasks?

5 major activities:
1- Work
2- Housework
3- Examiner/Blogging/Tarot Reading
4- Reading
5- Writing

Okay, I listed these in order of time spent doing. So, the lessen to learn here is that no one takes up my time except me. I need to shuffle these around and move Writing up to either 2 or 3.

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