Thursday, May 20, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Two - Day Four

Life Pie - part two.

Today, spend at least an hour to make your life pie more balanced.

Is exercise low? Take a walk.

Romance adventure low? Well, use your imagination.

Spirituality low? Visit a church, meditate, or pray.

Work low? Get a job?

Play low? Go out on the town.

Friends low? Call your best friend and have a chat.

These are just some ideas to help balance your life out. Have fun with this.


Aubrie said...

Good advice....especailly that walk for me :)

Yes, the contest is for completed novels. I just just just am finishing mine and should have it done by this weekend, so I thought it would count. *shhhh don't tell*

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, I'm going to have to say I did mine yesterday with exercise, I did yard work. I haven't did much at all today. But, I did begin a new short story, that's progress.

I'm sure your novel will qualify, lol, but I won't tell no one.

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