Thursday, May 20, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Two - Day Five

Ten tiny changes.

List ten changes you would like to make, from the significant to the smallest. Examples - get new sheets, paint the kitchen, go to China.

Don't forget to do your morning pages. :)

Note: This is for Saturday, but I wanted to get it posted before I forgot.

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Anonymous said...

Okay ten changes:
1- paint the front door
2- paint the outdoor furniture
3- write more often and more regularly
4- fix the swimming pool (needs liner and pump)
5- travel
6- design my own Tarot Deck
7- complete a novel
8- complete a sentence (lol)
9- do regular tarot readings for clients
10- learn more about both writing and tarot reading by doing.

Okay there's my list. Where is yours?

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