Monday, May 31, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Three - Day Seven

We've made it to the end of another week of reconnecting with ourselves. How's everyone doing on the daily activities: Morning pages, artist's date, and affirmations?

I have to admit I've been neglecting these activities. Although, the morning pages not written, my mind plays through the things I would write and in turn is freeing my mind for the day's activities. I do feel more open minded and creative at the end of this third week.

The question for the day: List 5 childhood accomplishments.

1-Learning- I made honor roll each year.

2-Books read- I used to have a list of each book I read, wish I still had that.

3-Writing- Even at an early age, before I knew exactly how to write a story, I strived toward my goal. I even submitted a few stories, which were kindly rejected with form letters.

4-Overcoming obstacles- My childhood was not filled with friends. I did usually manage to weave one from the bunch, not always the same one. Through my school years, I always had at least one friend and learned to count on myself, which is why I'm so independent today.

5-Becoming responsible- As a child, I was pretty much left to my own accord, but managed to always be responsible. I didn't go wild, but turned to my books and that one friend and made it through childhood without the usual experimental downfalls.


Lynn Andrade said...

1. I questioned everything.
2. I wrote nearly every day.
3. I daydreamed constantly.
4. I was very...precocious, shall we say? :D
5. I spoke my mind all the time.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, the list here should be accomplishments. Which my list wasn't exactly awards or anything. As long as you are connecting with your child, that's all that matters.

Lynn Andrade said...

Hehe, oops. :)

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