Friday, May 28, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Three - Day Five

Let's take a trip home.

Describe your childhood room. Colors, hanging pictures, stuffed animals, whatever comes to mind.

I shared a room with my sister. The walls were blue. What I most remember about the room is that I was such a neat person and she was such a messy person. The arguments got bad enough that eventually my parents put a wall up to divide the room in half.

I did get to move into my own room later, once my brother went away to college. But I think the best time were in that room with my sister, even if she threw her clothes all over the floor. :) It's funny how the times you felt were bad then can produce memories that you enjoy remembering.


Aubrie said...

Hey, I shared a blue room with my sister as well! We have porcelain dolls and horse statues.

Anonymous said...

We had barbie dolls and baby dolls, lol.

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