Monday, May 10, 2010

the Artist's Way - Intro

This program is for writers, painters, sculptors, musician, or any other creative fields. I strongly recommend getting a copy of this to follow along. You will find much more than what you will find here. The book contains a number of exercises, more than can be covered in an actual week. What you find here will be a summary and the exercises I’ve picked to do during each week’s lessons.

The Basic Tools - these will be used throughout the twelve week process.

The Morning Pages - Once a day, sit down and write out three pages of your thoughts. There is no wrong or right way to do this. Fill your pages with whatever comes to mind. It is important to do this by hand. Rather you use a journal or spiral notebook or whatever, fill three pages. Morning is the best time, but some of us will find this impossible, so do this when you can, but try to do it once a day. These are to empty your logical mind and open your creative mind.

The Artist Date - Once a week, take some time to be by yourself. Go on a walk, visit a museum, or visit the park. The main purpose is to do this on your own, by yourself. Spending time alone with your creative child is essential to connecting with that child. (I plan to do these online. Take a tour of the Capital: Of Italy: The possibilities are endless.)

Filling the Well: Creating empties your well of creativity, it is important to replenish that source. Think magic, mystery, and discovery. Listen to music, experiment with incense, or even create a new dish for dinner. Also repetitive tasks can open your mind to creativity. Wash dishes, dust, or even clean the toilets. Any mindless activity can produce an opening for your creativity. Use the processes that work best for you and use them. Be sure to refill your pot with new material, or you will find it empty and you will find yourself blocked.

Exercises will be posted throughout each week. Each week will also have a basic focus. Week one's focus will be posted soon. Feel free to follow along and join in.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to working on my creativity.

Conda V. Douglas said...

I did this course years ago and found it quite helpful--thanks for blogging on it--I'm following along.

Anonymous said...

Susanne, I also look forward to this journey. I did my morning pages this morning. I did feel more relaxed than usual. This afternoon, I will post the overview of week one and at least one exercise for the week.

Conda, it is encouraging to know that you found it helpful. I've already listened to the whole book and feel it will be helpful.

Aubrie said...

My "me" time is spent in the car. That's when I think up new ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, when I'm deep within a project, my best ideas come with a cup of coffee and a moment sitting on my porch.

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