Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five Sentence Flashback - Friends Forever

In February of 2011, one of my first short stories written with hopes of recognition achieved online publication. In September of the same year, it reached printed publication. Friends Forever is about a lonely girl who discovers friendship in an unusual place, but don't mistake it for a story to tell your children.

And now, the first five sentences of Friends Forever:

The strong breeze pushed the kite higher and carried the now familiar voice across the backyard. 

The call floated through the air, like the sounds of the wind chimes on her neighbor's back porch. Clorisa began hearing the voice a few weeks ago, right after her dad deserted her. It wafted up from the old well, growing louder and more persistent with each passing day. 

The massive oak tree cast shadows, long fingers clawing at the ground, over the stone slabs.

Finish reading Friends Forever online or purchase a copy of the Anthology.

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