Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Treacherous Journey

by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
No one said this would be easy, did they? And, in most cases, they probably told you it couldn’t be done.

Artists, of all breeds, face treacherous roads throughout their career. But, the biggest pothole I’ve found is the internal enemy. The little voice yelling at you with every excuse you can think of. For some, the voice mimics people they know, but sometimes it is your own words creating the blocks.

Excuses are made. Time and energy are lost.

Originally, this post had been planned as an announcement to a long, extended hiatus from the blog. The excuses ranged from I don’t have much more to say, I need to spend this time working on my creative writing instead, and how will I find the time to do any writing at all. I battled with the choice and realized my mistake. I was letting that little, nagging voice control me, again. It’s time to take back control and shut that little sucker up for a little while. Duct tape, please!

One of the hardest things I face is having the courage to sit down and get started. Even with the knowledge that everything will be fine after a few minutes, I continue to avoid the ‘getting butt in chair’. After proving over and over to myself that any amount of minutes can bring progress and heighten motivation, I still find it easier to let that nasty voice fill me with doubt and fear.

So, how can this monster be slayed? In all honestly, I don’t believe it can. You must shut it up and prepare for his return.

I’d like to send you to two different articles, which I believe may help us all in our journeys.

Remember when you wrote for the pleasure? When you had no expectation of publication, at least not anytime soon? You created wonderful worlds to play within, just for your enjoyment. Wasn’t that fun? Maybe one of the keys to shutting that sucker up is to find your way back to this child-like place and just play.

Her method consists of three objectives: Knowing what you’re writing before you write it, discovering your most productive writing time, and being enthusiastic during your writing session. This system may come in handy once you get your butt in the chair.

Good luck in your travels. Remember, you’re not alone. We may travel this road in solitude, but we are many walking toward the same horizon.


Terry W. Ervin II said...

There is always so much else to do, other than write, one can tell himself (or herself).

Sometimes writing is like going to visit a place that you know you'll enjoy once you get there, but it'll be such a pain in the butt and not worth it--until you arrive. Then you ask, "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Hope you're able to keep some heavy duty duct tape on your nagging nay-saing voce for a long while.

Cher Green said...

Exactly. Once you're there, it's a wonderful feeling. Thanks for the encouragement.

clarbojahn said...

Thanks for a great post! It certainly is a treacherous journey. Lately that voice is so loud I can't ignore it. It's with the utmost strength to go and start my writing.

There are soo many distractions I can't hardly do but in chair. this is a nice reminder. I"m face booking it! :)

Cher Green said...

Glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the shout out on Facebook. Good luck with your writing journey and hushing that nagging voice. :)

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