Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Voices of Fiction - Getting Readers Involved - Part Six

Welcome to Voices of Fiction.

We continue with our discussion of how to get the reader involved in the story.

Please welcome our guests.

Born in France, award-winning author Vijaya Schartz never conformed to anything and could never refuse a challenge. She likes action and exotic settings, in life and on the page. She traveled the world and writes with the same ease about the future and the far away past. Her novels collected many five star reviews and literary awards. - Website, Amazon, Barnes/Noble

Cindy Cromer's first published novel earned her the title of award winning author. Desperate Measures, won the highly competitive mystery/suspense/thriller category in The Smart Writ Book Awards and was named a winner in The Authors Show contest, 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading. Website, Books/Books, Vero Beach Book Center

Nicole Zoltack loves to write whatever strikes her fancy. When she’s not writing about knights, talking unicorns, or zombies, she loves to spend time with her wonderful family. She enjoys riding horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the PA Renaissance Faire, dressed in garb. Blog, Website, Amazon

Welcome Authors! It's wonderful to have you back.

This week's question: How do you get your readers involved in the story?

Vijaya Schartz: First, it has to be a really good story. I’m a plotter now, and I like to foreshadow and set up my stories for the reader. Getting the readers involved is also part of a set of writing skills all good writers value. I use many sensory details and visual setting to place the reader at the scene. I work hard on dialogue. I also dig deep into my character’s point of view, so the reader can identify with him/her. Even with my villains. I’m somewhat famous for developing my villains.

Cindy Cromer: By creating characters with secrets and hidden past which are revealed gradually throughout the plot. Also, I love to write interviews with the characters I created and bring them to life.

Nicole Zotack: By asking their opinions for story ideas. 

Thank you all for joining us today.

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thecromers said...

Thanks for including me once again in your interview series, Cher. I enjoy participating in your blogs and answering the entertaining questions you pose.


Cher Green said...

Cindy, Always a joy to have you as part of the series. I'm itching to started blogging on other topics other than the series. Just have to find some time. :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Great answers. Let's face it, the reader is important. We need to remember them as our source of inspiration. Yes, we have to write for ourselves too, but what a great feeling to hear how readers loved our books.

Great post, Cher.

Cher Green said...

Thanks for stopping by Joylene. I'm headed to your blog to pay you a friendly visit. :)

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