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Character Interview - Jack Spencer - Desperate Measures

Cindy Cromer shared time with us in April of 2011, allowing us a little insight into who this new author was in a two part interview.  Part One - Part Two

In May 2011, Desperate Measures, her first novel, released.

The secret is out AGAIN…! This time lives are in jeopardy. 

Today, I am happy to present to you an interview with one of the characters of Desperate Measures.  Enjoy the show!

Television Host: Thank you audience for tuning in. We have a special guest tonight, Jack Spencer. I’m delighted Jack agreed to appear on our show. In case anyone hasn’t kept up with recent events, Jack is a former, highly acclaimed, District Attorney. He’s been recently thrust into the limelight as the possible illegitimate son of mega-billionaire Lukas Bucklin. A newly released book, Desperate Measure, unveils a family riddled with secrets. When Jack’s daughter, Caitlin Martel, begins receiving threatening notes, it becomes clear the enemy knows about Jack’s heritage and blackmail is the motive. Let’s see what secrets Jack has and is he willing to confront them to save his daughter’s life?

Host: Welcome to the show, Mr. Spencer. You’ve certainly become a minor celebrity recently. How does it feel to possibly be the first born son of Lukas Bucklin and heir to a fortune?

Jack: Whether Lukas is my father or not I want nothing to do with the man. As far as I’m concerned, he abandoned me as a child. I don’t need him, I’ve made my own success and had a stellar career as District Attorney.

Host: That you did, Mr. Spencer. Let me ask you another question, have you ever tampered with a case during your reign in the judicial system.

Jack rises from his seat and his face burns with fury.

Jack: That’s nonsense! I never helped that worthless…… Never mind, you’ve read what that damn author, Cindy something wrote in her book. I did what I needed to protect my family.

The host pauses for a moment and studies the demeanor of his guest. Jack appears to have calmed down. 

Host: Hmm! Interesting comment. If I remember correctly, Lukas said something similar about his misdeeds and transgressions, “Did what I did to protect my family.” Like father like son?

Jack: No, and I refuse to take a DNA test.

Host: Okay, so you won’t acknowledge Lukas as your father but how do feel about the fact that he raced to St. Kitts in the attempt to save Caitlin from the villain and you didn’t?

Jack: I had my reasons.

Host: There’s another book coming out soon, Desperate Deceptions. Caitlin seems to have formed a bond with Lukas and is willing to embrace him into her life, how do you feel about that?

The host notices he pushed a button and Jack’s anger resurfaces. 

Jack: How do I feel about that, how do you think? My family is filled with duplicity and that newbie author took it upon herself to expose them. I’m concluding this interview with one parting remark, I will not let my daughter become an unscrupulous monster like Lukas Bucklin. Caitlin has integrity!

Jack storms off and leaves the set.

Host: Well that was quite an explosive interview, wasn’t it? To all of our viewers, I hope to have some other interesting characters that Cindy Cromer has created and brought to life in her novels on the show. I’m attempting to schedule Senior Special FBI Agent, Tomas Medina. Readers, send in your votes of who you would like to be interviewed. Until then, we can only wonder what other secrets are waiting to burst from this complex family whose DNA and gene pool created such dubious characters.

A Sneak Peak of Desperate Deceptions 

DESPERATE DECEPTIONS, the sequel to DESPERATE MEASURES, focuses on Caitlin Martel’s newly formed but strained relationship with her biological grandfather. She discovers a new meaning of the word DECEPTION. Does Caitlin maintain her integrity, or does she become influenced by her ruthless, take control grandfather, Lukas Bucklin?


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

This was great. I had to take a second look. I thought Jack was real at first. Good interview.

Cher Green said...

All the credit goes to the author, Cindy, on this one. She worked up the questions and interviewed her character. :)

Cher Green said...

Our Guest Author is having a little trouble commenting. So here's a message from Cindy.

Dear Joylene,

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. As an author you've given me the greatest compliment. My confidence has surged that I have actually brought my characters to life.

Thank you again.

Best wishes

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