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Voices of Fiction - Who is your Favorite Character - Part Four

Welcome to another edition of Voices of Fiction.

We have another great group of writers here to discuss their favorite characters.

Please welcome our guests.

Joylene Butler is the author of Dead Witness and Broken But Not Dead. Links – Website, Blog

Cindy Huefner Cromer, formally a New Jersey resident, now resides in Stuart, Florida, with her husband, son, and daughter. Cindy works as a laboratory scientist and executive. As the president of a laboratory network, she has written numerous laboratory procedures and research documents. Driven by a passion for suspense and mystery novels, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her dream turned into reality with the release of her debut suspense novel, Desperate Measures. She is currently working on her second novel, Desperate Deceptions. Plans are in place for her third and fourth books.  Website, Link, Link

Thea Landen writes erotic literature, frequently in a sci-fi/fantasy setting. When she's not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games. Blog, Link, Link

Jared Gullage, an English Language Arts teacher in Alabama, is the author of Drinna, The Dustfinders, and The Afterknight. Through his father's introduction to books like The Hobbit, Great Expectations, and works by Ray Bradbury, Jared discovered a universe within his own imagination. Jared put his vision to work through role-play games and then storytelling. Following his father's words, "paint pictures with words", this compulsive writer plans to leave his mark upon the writing world, one dent at a time.

Children’s Picture Book author, Clara Bowman-Jahn, of “Annie’s Special Day” is living the life of her dreams an hour at a time. Link, Blog, Link
Welcome Authors! It’s wonderful to have you back for another round.

Now the question is: Who’s your favorite character? (can be yours or someone else’s)

Joylene Butler: I really loved Dolores in Bleeding Heart by Marilyn French, author of The Women's Room. Dolores represented everything I felt as a woman, fear, anxiety, rage, power. She encapsulated what I was searching for in my understanding of life and what I was up against. Because strange as this sounds, as a young woman, I felt as if it was me against the world, not the world working with me.

Cindy Cromer: In Desperate Measures my favorite character is Barry Solerno. I’m particularly proud of how I introduced him and cast him as an older lady’s man then peeled off the layers of his past and revealed what made him tick. I love the character, Emma Harte that Barbara Taylor Bradford created in her “Woman of Substance” series. Emma is strong, comes from nothing, and builds an empire. She sort of reminds me of Lukas Bucklin in my novels but Lukas had a bit more to work with when he started Bucklin Enterprises.

Thea Landen: Oh dear, this is a difficult question! I'm going to go with Vera Claythorne, from Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None". For a short book with a large cast of characters, she's so well-developed, and her journey through her realization of her guilt into the trap of insanity is fascinating. (Minor spoiler alert! I hate how her story was changed in the film versions of the book. I want my Miss Claythorne tough, yet fragile; competent, yet crazy; and above all, capable of cold-blooded murder!)

Jared Gullage: Hmmm. For me, I've had a few. Right now, I'm liking characters from current books, including Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark and some of the characters invented by Patrick Rothfuss in his ongoing Kingkiller Chronicles. I liked Miri in Princess Academy. I really liked Katniss Everdean, too.

Clara Bowman-Jahn: Mowgli from Rudyard Kiplin's Jungle Boy - I loved how he was raised by wolves and had jungle animals for friends. I think Tarzan was a takeoff from that and so many other books and ideas came from that character. I have always been enchanted with wild children and in the take that they needed to become civilized to fit into our society.

Thank you all for joining us today and sharing your favorite characters.

Readers feel free to ask questions concerning this topic in the comments. Also feel free to send questions to chergreen@chergreen.com Subject: Voices of Fiction Question, and have them answered by the participating authors in later editions.

There’s also room for more authors to participate. Drop me an email, Subject: Voices of Fiction.

(Disclaimer - Bios and answers have been posted as submitted by author) 


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Clara Bowman-Jahan, as a fellow Kipling fan, I really liked Billy Fish in his novella The Man Who Would Be King. An excellent secondary character.

Cherie Reich said...

Great answers! I particularly am fond of Clara's answer. That's really unique. :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Enjoyed the answers very much. I especially liked Thea's answer. Vera was a memorable character.

Cher Green said...

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing comments. This question has been so fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cher, for hosting us. It has indeed been fun. I'll have to review the other Kipling stories to renew my characters repertoire.

Thanks also, Terry and Cherie, for your comments. I've taken them to heart. :)

Cher Green said...

Clara, It's been a joy hosting this series. I hope we can continue into the future.

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