Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Voices of Fiction - From Idea to First Draft - Wrap Up

Welcome to Voices of Fiction. We've spent the last few weeks learning about a group of writers and the different processes of moving "From Idea to First Draft."

Based on the many different answers of eighteen writers, plotters outweigh the pantsers, 12 to 6. The methods vary for each plotter, from scene descriptions to head plotting, but plotting all the same. As do the pantsers' process, moving from character creating to writing straight through, to other processes.

As we wrap up this topic, for now, I'd like to share my process with you.

Always remember, each book may produce a different method of creating, and as you move through your journey, you may develop new techniques to go with the old. Short works may develop in a different manner than longer pieces.

Escape to Love, available at eTreasures Publishing, is a short novella at under 11,000 words and could easily be considered a short story by many.

The creation of this story began with a fifteen minute free-writing session. This produced a snapshot of a woman lost in a dark portal and a man trying to save her.

From there, I brainstormed on who these two people were, what type of portal, where the portal lead, and so on. I also knew my ending.

Then, I wrote from beginning to end. I logged each scene as I wrote, jotted down notes on anything new that needed to be built up earlier in the story. Basically, pantser style, from idea to first 'very' rough draft.

Thank you all for joining in as we explored "From Idea to First Draft."

Next week, we'll begin exploring another topic on "Voices of Fiction." Feel free to join in.

Readers send questions to chergreen@chergreen.com, Subject: Voices of Fiction Question, and have them answered by the participating authors in later editions.

There’s also room for more authors to participate. Drop me an email, Subject: Voices of Fiction.

Part One – Cherie Reich, Joylene Butler, Karina Kantas, Jade Varden 

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Part Three - Barbara Ehrentreu, Catrina Barton, Cara Marsi, Pembroke Sinclair  

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Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm glad I participated. It was fun and informative, plus I learned a thing or two. Love when that happens.

Cher Green said...

Joylene, I'm glad you joined in also. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice way to wrap it up. Seems every writer has their own way of doing things, which keeps our books diverse. :)

Cher Green said...


Thank you. Yes, our individuality is what keeps things spicy in the creative world.

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