Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Has Your Muse Deserted You?

Are you finding yourself tapped out on ideas? Do you stare at a blank screen with no words in sight? Has your muse deserted you?

Muses are like children. They like playtime, and for the most part that is all the time. Even work is considered playtime for most. But, if you keep the child from enjoying the task or even joining in, eventually you'll find him/her sitting alone or bored to tears.

Have you ever had a child beg to do the dinner dishes? Help you in the yard? How often do you see one riding with his parents on a lawnmower? To adults these are all chores, but not so with our children.

Your muse is very similar. She/He wants to help you write your story, but sometimes you don't show up. You squash the idea before it fully forms. You don't listen when he/she is trying to speak to you. You tune him out completely and try to go it alone.

Finally, your muse gets bored and goes off to play by herself.

It is important to understand how your muse talks to you to fully appreciate his input. An image pops in your mind, a dream takes you on a joy ride, dialogue seems to come from nowhere, a character takes over - leading you away of your outline, or a voice whispers a solution.

You thought you were responsible for all those wonderful things? Get real, no wonder your muse left. Give credit where credit is due, and you may see your muse again. You may entice her back with gifts, sweets, or conversation.

Good luck!


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Luckily, I don't struggle coming up with ideas. It's the time putting them to paper (computer) that is my biggest challenge. But I'm not like a lot of writers in the way I approach writing.

Cher Green said...

Each writer has a struggle. :) Ideas aren't usually a problem for me either, time comes and goes, PROCRASTINATION and over-thinking are my main issues. I'm working hard to overcome the problem though.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

I'm luckier than most, my muse is usually working overtime. The bad part is I'm not always able to get to my computer. Especially this week. I'm painting the inside of our house. I actually feel guilty that I'm not writing. I think part of a writer's obligation is to ease up on themselves. We let all this blocking and obligation get us down. Not good.

Great post, Cher.

Cher Green said...

Joylene, I'm sure you are writing even as you paint. I made great breakthroughs as I worked in the yard yesterday. Finally making a little progress on my WIP.

Have a great weekend.

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