Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Living with Half a Brain

While exploring new story ideas, I tend to venture onto Google and research a little. My latest idea brought me to an article I found interesting. Sometimes Google leads me astray, but I feel there’s a point in such directions, so I read if it catches my attention. Can a human survive with only half a brain? The logical answer would be no. Or perhaps yes, but the person would be a vegetable. Right?

During my wanderings, I discovered a person can indeed live with half a brain or even a small sliver. Now don’t ask me to explain how. I haven’t the slightest idea.

A Chinese woman, discovered to only have the right side ofher brain, lives a normal life.

A 44 year old male, only having a tiny amount of brain matter, lives a perfectly normal life with his wife and two children.

The article goes into more details and theories on the question: if one can function without part of their brain, than how can it be different parts of the brain control different aspects, when these two people are perfectly normal without all the parts?
I’m sure you are wondering what this topic could possibly have to do with something I would write. Paranormal Research, of course. I was looking for the term related to someone creating physical matter with their mind. And although the article I found finally made it to this topic, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but how interesting is it to know that you can indeed live with only part of your brain?   
Could it be that the conscious is more powerful than we are lead to believe? Do we actually create our own reality with our conscious? And if this is all valid, why could we not create physical items with our consciousness?
Would you like see more topics such as this on the blog? Articles I come across during Google sessions, what if scenarios and brainstorming session posts? I’m attempting to broaden my readership, but don’t want to lose my follows who already support me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on directions you might want to see the blog take.


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

This is fascinating stuff, Cher. Any chance to read about this is good. I would love to see some pics accompanying the articles. Pictures seem to help my brain retain the info. Perhaps that's because part of my brain isn't working. For instance, why do some people have an aptitude for languages when others don't? Why can't I get chemistry, but I love math? I would love answers or ideas about some of these questions too.

As for where your blog should go. I would let your heart lead you. What fascinates you?

Anonymous said...

Joylene, thanks for the comment.

As for chemistry and math, my uneducated guess would be your life journey may have no use for chemistry, while math may play an important role in tasks.

I really think our skills and talents have much more to do with a bigger picture than many of us realize.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Interesting things you can stumble across, that's for sure.

I'd seen a news report on someone who had to have surgery and have half his brain removed several years back and had totally forgotten about it until you brought it up here.

Anonymous said...

Terry, true. I'll be posting more findings as I stumble upon them. Maybe it will spark a story for someone.

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