Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Write What You Know

When I began writing, I kept hearing write what you know. Needless to say, this was depressing news. I didn't know anything. Then, a past writing coach put together a few questions, and to my delight, I discovered I did know a lot.

The phrase, "Write what you know," doesn't need to be taken to extremes.

Your past experiences can bring life to your writing. Your hobby can give your main character a colorful outlook on life. Your occupation can bring a new aspect or character into your story.

Take a moment to list things you know about. Delve into your childhood, your relationships, your workplace, your hobbies, etc.

Who were you as a child? Did you play sports? Were you a bookworm? A loner?

Create characters that you can relate to, and you will discover it's easier to breathe life into them.

Writing is an extension of you, rather you realize it or not. Tap into this aspect and your writing will soar.


Jyoti Mishra said...

100 % true !!

Anonymous said...

Jyoti, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Angie said...

Yep. We know a lot more than we think we do, and for the rest of it, there's our imaginations!

Anonymous said...


It's amazing what we know and don't realize. And we gather new information each day. A writer makes use of all this information. :) I wonder what a normal person does with it.

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