Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life's Little Complications

Every time you turn around, life throws you another curve ball. You feel as if you are making progress toward your goals, and then there's another wall to climb.

Frustrations can grow in anyone's life, but you must learn to keep moving forward. Climb that wall, dodge that ball, do whatever is needed to continue progressing.

When things go crazy, do you let your dishes pile up? Do you grab clothes from the hamper for lack of clean ones? Do you skip showers? Do you take the day off from your job? For most people, the answer her would be no. So why is it so easy to skip a day of writing?

Forming the habit of writing, is a must for writers who wish to succeed. There are many ways to accomplish this. According to scientists, a habit can be formed in thirty days.

Make a schedule. Take a moment to sit down and plan out your day. Include your chores, work hours, television viewing, and etcetera. Now, look through your items and eliminate anything that can go. Fit in at least an hour a day for your writing - preferably, the same time each day.

Set a word count goal. Determine a reasonable amount of words to accomplish each day and strive to hit that count daily. Again, doing this at the same time each day will help. Make the count low and feel free to go over the amount. The point is to get you in the seat and writing at a regular basis.

Set a weekly goal. For those of you that have such a hectic life that you are unable to plan out each day, try setting a word count goal for the week and reach it. This will allow more flexibility, but be sure to complete the count by the end of the week, even if this means writing for hours over the weekend.

I'm sure there are other ways to get your writing in order. Feel free to share your habit forming procedures and your writing habits.


Jm Diaz said...

Making myself a schedule has proven best. The fam already knows that there are certain nights a week that I am simply not going to be available. My wife did say that she's glad I take "alone" time at Starbucks with a laptop, and not with strippers and a lapdance... goes to show how much of a nerd I am.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing. In no way does this make you a nerd, it makes you a good reliable husband.

My biggest problem with scheduling is making room for the other parts of writing, the critiquing of others, the revising, and the socializing for readership, and then still being able to fit in the actual writing. I could fill up my schedule with only writing stuff.

Does anyone else find a problem do it all? Any solutions?

Terry W. Ervin II said...

I fit in wriitng when I can, but making progress, and not blowing off writing when the opportunity is there is important, at least to, hey, what am I doing here, commenting--Hahahahaah.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you taking the time to comment. :) I know your schedule is busy with the promoting of the new book.

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