Friday, October 23, 2009

The Sacred Sin by Estevan Vega

At the young age of eighteen, Estevan Vega has proven himself as a talented, ambitious writer with this second book. "The Sacred Sin" is a well-written descriptive story, with great characters and just the right amount of suspense. On the downside, some may find it a little too descriptive as the story moves slowly along. Jude Foster, a detective with a past, pursues a supernatural killer. The story is intriguing and entertaining. A good read.

Vega is growing as a new writer, and I look forward to his next book.

Servant of the Realm is also available by this author. More information can be found at


MysteryKnitter said...

I don't know, if the name Wilkie Collins says anything to you. I have read one of his novels. The name was Woman in White. I just love it! I don't know why. It just works.

Cher Green said...

I'll check it out.

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