Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Voices of Fiction - Traditional or Self-Publication - Wrap Up

Over the last few weeks, our authors have discussed their preferences of Traditional Publication vs. Self-Publication. We’ve had a mix of support for both sides of the equation, varying from the side of reduced stress through the traditional side to more control on the self-publication side. There are many pros and cons on either road one may choose to take. The ultimate decision comes from the preference of the individual.

What is your publishing method choice: Traditional or Self-Publication? Why?

Like most of the authors we’ve heard from, I support both sides of the equation. Traditional provides added support to the journey: editors, artist, promotions, compiling of the book and so on. Self-publication gives the author complete control over their product.

At this point in my journey, traditional is my chosen direction. I prefer to let someone else handle all those other avenues, while I continue to write. Of course, with my current publisher being a small company I find myself wearing more hats than I wish to, but this may even be the norm a larger company. I don’t know because I haven’t had that experience yet. I’m hoping to go down the agent road with my current project, if possible.

This is not to say I won’t venture down the self-publication trail, especially with my writing involving the Tarot. I have many ideas to pursue dealing with the Tarot which would reflect directly on my Tarot reading endeavors. In the end, these may be project which will have to be self-published, for lack of a large audience. This will be a decision made down the road in sight of the final results of such products.

For now, you can find my writings at various magazines and at eTreasures Publishing. All publications can be found in 'The Library.'

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this exploration of publication choice, and all the other discussions, in the long running series of Voices of Fiction. Next week brings another question, and also the last question to the series. I’ve saved the best, in my opinion, for the last. Stop by next week to see what we will explore during the last few weeks of Voices of Fiction.

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