Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to Get Past Writer's Block

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How to Get Past Writer's Block

Whether you're working towards your MFA degree or simply writing for fun, you know how frustrating writer's block can be. You sit down, only to find out that your mind is blank and the words refuse to flow. In these times, it's important to know what measures to take in order to get past writer's block.

Practice Writing Regularly

Writing may not seem like a task that you can practice, but good writing habits and skills can actually be developed. Many successful writers develop a regular writing schedule. If you get into a routine, chances are that your brain will begin to recognize this pattern and get into creative mode at the right time. For many writers, setting deadlines helps to overcome writer's block. When you know that you need to finish something by a certain time, you will be more motivated to finish it. This alone can be helpful in overcoming writer's block. Simply working through writer's block is also possible. It is important for you to let go of the belief that everything you write needs to be perfect. Simply writing anything can help you move past writer's block; remember that you can always go back and revise your work. You may find that you begin to develop ideas after you begin writing.

Step Away

Trying to write through writer's block can be difficult, and some people work better if they step away from their work for a short time. Your mind may simply need time to rest in order to come up with more creative ideas. Good ways to jump start your brain include reading, drawing, listening to music, and going for a walk. If you are on a deadline, try stepping away from your desk for a minute to stretch or get a glass of water. This can help to break the cycle of writer's block.

Try Writing Exercises

Writing exercises may be something you typically see in a classroom, but they can be really helpful to any writer. Writing prompts, as well as stream of consciousness writing and free association writing are all good starting points. There are even websites that prompt you if you have stopped writing for a set amount of time. The main point is just to get your mind thinking and creating. Writing exercises have no right or wrong responses.
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clarbojahn said...

Reminding us of how to control writer's block is important and I thank you for sharing this with us. I wrote about it not so long ago. Look at for easy tips to Knock the Block.

Cher Green said...

Clara, Glad you enjoyed it.

I especially liked the link over to Oprah's website.

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