Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogging - Your Target Audience

The top discussion around writing blogs seems to be whether picking writers as your target audience is the wrong direction for a published author. Some believe this isn’t the best way to get readers for your publications.

When I began blogging, my goal was to build a following and meet others interested in the same things I am. The main suggestion I found was to blog about what you enjoy. Writing and Tarot became my topics of choice, and the results were two different blogs. I’ve built a following on both my blogs. I enjoy my readers and my article writing. 

So now that I’m published - Am I supposed to concentrate on a new, different audience?
I’ve thought about this from different angles.

What blogs do I follow? Writing and tarot blogs
How do I decide what to read? Reviews, recommendations, and favorite writers

How do I find these reviews, get recommendations, and discover favorite writers? Writing blogs
If I changed to writing about my cats, my cross-stitching, and my job, would I gain a new audience? Sure, but would that bring them to read my book? I wouldn’t think so, but it is possible, I guess.

Would I enjoy writing about such things? Maybe an article or two, but definitely not a whole blog. My life revolves around writing, tarot, and other spiritual matters. The rest really isn’t that interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cats, enjoy my cross-stitching, and well the job is a job, nothing more.

Tuesday, I went in a different direction with the blog and shared an interesting tidbit I discovered during research. I enjoyed writing the post, and I hope some enjoyed the topic. The response for this post will determined how many more posts will appear similar in nature. But for the biggest part, the blog is not changing.
I plan to do more interviews, guest posts, and book reviews, but that was already a part of the blog, so not much difference there, just more of it, which is actually just a part of the plan for more posts overall.

At this moment, the schedule on Footsteps of a Writer is Tuesday and Friday writing related posts, and Wednesday has been set aside for any promotional type posts. I’ll be over at Tarot Guidance on Sundays and Thursdays. Saturday and Monday are my days off from blogging. This schedule was only recently decided upon, so you will notice it gets off track over the next couple of weeks due to previously scheduled guest posts, but bear with me as I get settled into the new routine.
Happy Friday!


Joylene Butler said...

I think whatever way you choose will work because it's from you and what you love. It's like sitting down for a cup of coffee and just getting know who you are. I like that idea. What knowledge you pass along is an added blessing.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

A little variety never hurts.

Anonymous said...

Joylene and Terry,

Thank you for your comments.

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