Friday, June 10, 2011

Author and Aspiring Author Blog Hop


THIS WEEK'S AUTHOR BLOG HOP QUESTION FOR THURSDAY, JUNE9 IS ABOUT: Writing Scenes (Part two): Define a cliffhanger in your own words and tell what it means to your writing? Question provided by affiliate author L. P Robinson

A cliffhanger is a tool used to pull the reader into the next chapter without putting the book down. Chapters are breaking points, a chance to set the book down and walk away. Although you don't want to drag the reader from beginning to end in one sitting - well you do, but you need to give them enough breathing room to let them make the choice.

With that said, I hate cliffhangers at the end of a book. Sequel or not, I'd rather see the main plot tied up, even if it is loosely. This has been my major issue with the Twilight Movies and most recently "I Am Number Four." If the story or movie is good, there's no need to make the reader have to read or see the sequel. If it's good, they will come back, arms wide open.

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Terry W. Ervin II said...

Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Terry, You're welcome. Hope to see you at the hop. :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

that was really helpful !!!

Anonymous said...

Jyoti, Glad you found it helpful.

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