Thursday, June 2, 2011

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THIS WEEK'S AUTHOR BLOG HOP QUESTION FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 2nd IS ABOUT: Writing scenes (Part One): How would you define a 'twist'? Do you use a twist in every scene or just at the end of the book? Question provided by affiliate author L. P Robinson (Part two is next week!)

A twist is an event that occurs that wasn't expected. In most cases, these are hard elements to add to your story. Even though it is unexpected, it's not out of character, out of the blue, or illogical to the story line.

I love a twist ending, as long as it doesn't kill the whole story. Most of my short stories end with a subtle twist. In larger works, I do my best to weave in a few twists here and there. A twist is only good if it works.

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Angela Kay Austin said...

I agree. When twists in a story don't "fit" the story or characters, it's always curious to me.

Why? Did an author just decide to throw in something because they were bored with their own story?

Getting off point doesn't add anything. It takes away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cher!

I agree, too. There's nothing worse than a twist you never expected because there was absolutely no clue at all to why it was thrown in at the end! LOL

Great to meet you. Hope you can play this week :) Yes I am a little late in blog hopping, but I made it :)

Here's my response to this week's blog hop question!



Anonymous said...

Good post.

Yes the twist must be a natural for the story or it'll fall flat and the author comes out looking like a stage hand--a person who sets up the setting for the strongest appeal without much regard to the story.

I like twists. Throws a little surprise my way from time to time.

Amy Romine said...

Definitely agree, some twists can kill a story, I cited the twist in 'The Happening' that is probably the most prominent I can recently remember. It can happen anywhere, not just writing but TV, movies, music. The twist is powerful you must be sure you know what you are doing when you use it! LOL! BOMB!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such gret comments.

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