Monday, April 26, 2010

Horns by Joe Hill

Stepping in his father's footsteps, Joe Hill is making a name for himself. In 2007, Heart-Shaped Box: A Novel hit the shelves. A paranormal thriller wrapped up in a nicely written piece set me seeking more from this young man.

Oh, I guess some of you may be wondering who this author's father is. Stephen King. Trust me the acorn did not fall far from the tree. Joe Hill pulls you into his stories, gives you great characters, and drags you with him to The End.

Horns is a story of a man who has lost it all. He wakes up one morning with horns, yes horns, growing from his head. The horns cause people to tell him things, awful things, about themselves. They also lead him to discover the villain who took his life and tore it to shreds. There's mystery, humor, a love story, and a murder all wrapped up in the pages of this book.

This author's writing reminds me of the young Stephen King. I have no doubt that Joe Hill will be a big hit in the future.


Anonymous said...

My mom is a big Stephen King fan. She's read all of his books. I'll have to ask her if she knew that Joe Hill is King's son? I wonder if she has read any of his work?

Aubrie said...

I didn't know that Stephen King has a son that writes! How cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Susanne, I don't even remember how I ran across this fact, but I do know that the purchase of Heart-Shaped Box was a result of it.

Aubrie, it is cool. I'm a big fan of Stephen King and knew he had children but for some reason I pictured them younger.

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