Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Voices of Fiction – Hobbies – Part Five

Welcome to Voices of Fiction

We continue our exploration into the various hobbies of our participating authors.

Please welcome this week’s guests.

Ellen Spain is a retired Federal Investigator, now turned author, editor, and educator. She is active with EPIC, PennWriters, RWA, SCBWI, and the Pittsburgh East Writers. - Website

Joylene Butler is the author of Dead Witness and Broken But Not Dead. - Website, Blog

Joy Brooks is a Southern lady in love with the mystery and adventure associated with medieval warriors and royalty. She fills her spare time with reading, writing, cross-stitching, and playing with her seven cats. She enjoys the quiet life in a quaint, historic Georgia town. - Website, Blog

Bobbi Carducci’s book, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, earned a GOLD Mom’s Choice Award for excellence and was named A Best Dog Book for Young Readers by Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer. She is an award winning short story writer, columnist and professional book reviewer. Bobbi will be the luncheon keynote speaker at the 26th Annual Pennwriters Conference in May 2013. - Blog, Website, Website

Welcome Authors! It’s wonderful to have you back.

The Question: What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?

Ellen Spain – I enjoy travel to exciting (not dangerous) places and taking photographs of these travel scenes. Graphic art is another hobby and provides me the tools to make one of my photos into an interesting piece of art. If it turns out to be a special image, I'll frame it, sign it, and give it away as a gift. In the "Secrets in the Fog" series, one of the main characters will pursue one of my hobbies.

Joylene Butler – Sadly, I love computer games; hence I can be distracted far too easily. I also love baking, gardening, and especially -- home renovations.

Joy Brooks – Reading and playing with my seven cats. I also love to watch football. I'm a huge fan.

Bobbi Carducci - I start and end every day reading. I read newspapers, novels, nonfiction, online stuff, you name it. I also enjoy playing with my grandchildren and soaking in my hot tub. I teach writing workshops and lead an educational foundation. One of the things I love most is visiting schools for career day and talking to kids about all the different ways a person can make money as a writer.

Thank you all for joining us today.

Readers and Authors, feel free to ask questions and leave comments concerning this topic in the comment section below.

(Disclaimer - Bios and photos submitted by authors.)


Terry W. Ervin II said...

Joylene, I can certainly see how computer games might distract you from writing on occasion. For me, I keep very few games on my writing computer. My only solution.

Cher Green said...

:) My solution to this one is never get started. It's not that I don't like such things, I just know how hooked I can get. Better not to tempt myself.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Terry, I've found a new device... the games on my phone. I'm an addict!

Hi Cher! Fun to read so many different answers.

Joy, as a cat owner/lover, I can relate.

Ellen, I wish!

Bobbi, your life sounds exciting and fun.

Cher Green said...

Jolene, Glad you could stop by. :)

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