Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Voices of Fiction - Traditional or Self-Publication - Part Two

Welcome to Voices of Fiction.

We continue our discussion on publication choice, traditional or self-publication.

Please welcome our authors.

Karen Cioffi is a multi-award-winning author, freelance/ghostwriter, editor, and online marketer, as well as the founder and manager of Writers on the Move. - Website, Website, Website

Jade Varden is the author of the Deck of Lies series, a collection of YA mystery books that show what happens when dark family secrets are exposed. Jade also provides professional writing tips to other indie authors on her blog. - Twitter, Blog, Amazon

Thea Landen writes erotic literature, frequently in a sci-fi/fantasy setting. When she's not writing, or thinking about writing, her hands and mind are occupied by either yarn crafts or role-playing games. Blog, Amazon, AllRomanceBooks

Author and editor, Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz has published more than 100 articles, 75 stories, six e books, a chapbook, one MG novel, a short story collection, and her stories have been included in two anthologies. She writes for both adults and children. She edits for two small traditional publishers. Website, Blog, MuseItUp

Welcome Authors! It's wonderful to have you back.

What is your publishing method choice: Traditional or Self-Publication? Why?

Karen Cioffi - I prefer traditional publishing, but like and use self-publishing also. The reason I prefer traditional publishing is the advantages it offers: a team and a bit more clout for some other avenues. Self-publishing on the other hand offers speed.

Jade Varden - My experiences with self-publishing have been more positive than what I’ve had with more traditional publishing. Both have merits, both have drawbacks, and the two are remarkably similar for the majority of authors. But with self-publishing, at least you know what you’re getting and you know how you’re doing.

Thea Landen - I'm somewhere in the middle, as my books are published by an e-publisher. Not having to worry about formatting, cover design, and distribution is a HUGE relief to me - those are probably the biggest reasons I don't think I'd ever self-publish.

Penny Ehrenkranz - I have never tried self-publishing. My first published pieces were all short stories and non-fiction articles. I now have three novelettes published by MuseItUp Publishing: Love Delivery (contemporary romance), Lady in Waiting (historical romance), and Mirror, Mirror (time travel romance). I have a collection of short stories published by Sam’s Dot Pubishing, A Past and A Future. 4RV Publishing has contracted with me to publish my two middle grade novels, Ghost for Rent (a newly edited version of a previously released book) and Ghost for Lunch (the sequel). I am also under contract with 4RV to publish two picture books, Boo’s Bad Day and Many Colored Coats.

While MuseItUp, Sam’s Dot, and 4RV are not big houses, they are all traditional. There are no fees to the author, nor do I as author have to purchase the books to sell to others.

While I still need to do my own marketing with a small publisher, there is a lot of guidance, helpful tips, and encouragement, not to mention excellent editors.

Thank you all for joining us today.

Readers and Authors, feel free to ask questions and leave comments concerning this topic in the comment section below. You may also send questions to chergreen@chergreen.com

(Disclaimer - Bios and photos submitted by authors.)


Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Really enjoyed your answers, everybody. Love the diversity.

Cher Green said...

Yes, a wonderful variety of author voices. :)

Penny Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Joylene, you're so good about visiting the blogs and commenting. Cher, you put together an informative group of authors. Nicely done.

Cher Green said...

Penny, thanks. Couldn't do it without the authors.

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