Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Muse Online Writers Conference

It's that time of year again, time for the Muse Online Writers Conference. Registrations are open, deadline September 25th. Don't miss out on this one of a kind free writers' conference. A variety of workshops and chances to pitch your book to various publishers are available. You can't go wrong, it's free!


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Cher! Great reminder to all those who haven't signed up yet.

Joylene said...

I've attended a few and they're excellent. This year I can't because we're off to see our new grandson. I'll be thinking of you all though... while I'm plastering kisses all over his tiny sweet face.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lonely - Have a good day.

Susanne, A reminder's always good. I signed up at the end of last years. But, honestly not sure how much participating I'll do this year.

Joylene, kisses are always better than learning, lol.

Empi said...

I participated in the 2009 conference and it was great. I didn't have much time to fully participate last year, but maybe this year I can. I'll check out the website.

Anonymous said...

Empi - they already have some of their workshops up and more to come. Even if you only participate in one, I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

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