Friday, July 8, 2011

Monthly Newsletter

With all the excitement over the new release, Escape to Love, I've failed to mention my new newsletter. I've archived July's issue for you on a new page - Archived Newsletters. You can sign up for the newsletter on your right.

The main purpose was to announce the release of Escape to Love. My future plans are for this to be a monthly newsletter, with occasional special issue upon release of new projects.

Join now and keep up to date on what's next in my writing journey.

Also notice to your right, the blog is now available on Kindle! Isn't technology wonderful?

Have a great Friday!


Aubrie said...

Great newsletter this month!

Hope Escape to Love is selling! I'll post about it soon. Probably next week. :)

I want to read it again first!

Joylene Butler said...

Technology is wonderful. Will you still be doing a blog regularly? I hope so. Best of luck with your book, Cher.

Anonymous said...



I hope so to. I don't guess I'll know until the quarter is up though. I do want you to read it again also. Nothing really changed, but some historical aspects were added that weren't there when you read it.

Enjoy the read.

Anonymous said...


Yes the blog here will continue. A friend told me about the Kindle option, so I signed up. It's basically just an extension from the blog, it updates with my postings.

Again, nothing will change here.

Thanks for the luck on the book.

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