Monday, June 14, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Six - Day One

Week Six - Creating a sense of abundance.

We use money has the top excuse to not be creative. Rather than rely on money for security learn to rely on God. We believe God wants us to be happy, yet we continue to work hard at our money job and ignore our true goals in life. We believe that work must be work and not play. We tell ourselves that art is time spent fooling around.

God believes in creativity. Witness his creativity. What could be more creative than snowflakes, each designed in a different pattern. God did not create one type of flower. He felt the need to create many.

We also blame lack of time. We must carve the time out to play, to create. Space is another excuse. Make your space, even if it's at the kitchen table.

Let's do a little counting. For this week, write down everything you spend your money on. You will find that some of your money is being used on items that you could go without, revert this money toward your art. Don't feel guilty. If you are already throwing it away, why not throw it toward your pleasure of creating.

Money Madness: Finish these as many of these sentences as you wish. They are loaded questions, but you will find the answers interesting.

People with money are
Money makes people
I’d have more money if
My dad thought money was
My mom always thought money would
In my family money always caused
Money equals

My answers:
People with money are lucky.
Money makes people live life to the fullest.
I’d have more money if I worked more hours.
My dad thought money was a way to keep my mom happy.
My mom always thought money would bring happiness.
In my family money always caused fights.
Money equals security.


Aubrie said...

Money makes people crazy.

And you're right: it does cause fights. But it does equal security. Money is such a tough subject to deal with. People think they'll be happy if they are rich, and sometimes I think money just makes people worse off than when they first started.

Interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, totally agree. Money is like politics and religion discussions, everyone views it in a different light.

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