Thursday, June 3, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Four - Day Two

I know I'm late, but what's new. It was a pretty busy day, but I managed to fit some writing in. That is saying something for me. :)

Okay, I don't think I mentioned this in Day One's post. These questions are to be answered quickly, as it will bring the answers from your subconscious mind rather than your logical brain.

With that being said, List 5 classes that sound fun.

4.Pole Dancing


Lynn Andrade said...

1. Tao Kwon Do
2. Sumei-e
3. Ceramics
4. Spanish
5. Outdoor Survival

Anonymous said...

Lynn, great list. I took Spanish in school, can't say it was really that fun.:)

Lynn Andrade said...

All truth be told, I would mainly be using the Spanish-speaking skills to torment. So that's when the real fun would begin. :)

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