Sunday, June 6, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Four - Day Seven

As we arrive at the last day of the fourth week, I ask you to share any effect that the weeks have had upon you.

I have begun writing more frequently. I feel more courage in my own abilities. I know that my dream will only come true with hard work and persistence. Not enough time is only an excuse caused by fear of failing. It's time to get in gear and climb that mountain. On the other side are your dreams.

We end this week with an exercise that will reach through to future weeks. Write your own artist's pray.

Lord, allow me the courage to push forward in my writing and express myself through my words. Give me the strength to write daily and rid me of any fears that could keep me from doing so. Give me the ability and mind set to finish what I start and then start again.

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Lynn Andrade said...

Good God, just let the words keep flowing. :)

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