Saturday, November 21, 2009

National Novel Writing Month - Day 21

NaNoWrMo, it's almost over. How many will complete the word count? How many of those novels will make it into the next stage?

At this point, I doubt myself. It's bringing back memories of the first time I did this challenge. And again, I'm wondering if it was a mistake to start. I'm sure every writer goes through this when writing a novel. But, I wonder how much of it is from the added pressure of getting it all down within a month. I'm sure an outline would have lessened the stress.

I'm still tapping the words out in hopes of meeting the challenge. At this point, I have to get twenty-five hundred words a day for the remainder of the month. Shouldn't be hard if I can think of something more to write.

Good luck everyone, as they struggle through this challenge.

27552 / 50000 words. 55% done!

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