Tuesday, March 27, 2012


NBC's Awake - Two Dreams. One Reality. In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, Detective Michael Britten struggles with dueling realities in parallel worlds.

To be honest, I'm not much of a television watcher, but from time to time I find a series that grabs my attention. My life is very unscheduled, so it takes something extreme to cause me to watch something regularly.

Over the years, there has been Charmed, Medium, and Ghost Whisper.

With others, I tend to catch shows years after they were hits. Hey, it saves the heartbreak of watching your favorite shows cancelled.

Among the few, here's some I've found worth sitting on the couch for. Friends, Two and a Half Men, Prison Break, Weeds, Law & Order and CSI. I've also been catching up on Grimm.

There's no telling how many good shows I've missed out on because my nose was stuck in a book.

Now here is Awake. Will it keep me glued? It's too early to say, but after four episodes, I think I'll stay awhile.

You can catch up on this series with ON Demand, and they are available online: http://www.nbc.com/awake/

So, what are you watching?

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Terry W. Ervin II said...

I too rarely get time to watch television. In the past I watched: Babylon 5, Stargate SG1, Firefly (while it lasted).

I thought Falling Skies might be good, but, alas it degenerated into something less that I'd hoped for.

The only program I watch regularly now, when there are new episodes is Burn Notice and occasionally I tune into Pawn Stars--and a few times, Call of the Wildman, simply because I like turtles.

Cher Green said...

Terry, thanks for the comment. Good series are hard to find with all the Reality shows taking over, which I am not a fan of, at all.

After I did the blog, a few other shows started popping in my head. House for one.

Terry W. Ervin II said...

My wife liked House, although she doesn't watch it much any more.

Joylene said...

I'm watching Awake. Let's face it, when something decent comes along, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I also watch Once Upon a Time. I love the fairytale take on modern day and how the characters relate to their ultra egos. I like woman shows too: The Good Wife, Bones, In Plain Sight. I'm not sure about Missing yet, but I like Judd, so I'll watch a few more. Mostly I watch hockey, which must seem strange, watching a bunch of men hit a puck around the ice.

Cher Green said...

Jolene, True - decent shows are hard to come by and vary per person.

Once Upon a Time looks interesting. I'll have to see if I can catch Season One online or on demand. Found the Pilot - I'll give it a whirl when I get time.

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