Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Putting Life into Your Story

Last week, we talked about Sucking the Life out of Your Story.

Now, how can you Put Life into Your Story?

Fill your story with your own emotions: love, hate, desire, lust, joy.  Tap into your life, and inject it into your writing.

I'm not say write about your life, but to spice your story with it.

For Example: Your character gives birth and is surprised by twins.

Your character's reaction may not be your own type of reaction, so to really pump up the emotion, try thinking of something in your life that evokes the same emotion as your character in this situation.

Perhaps, your character doesn't want a child at all, much less two. Your character feels her life has been dragged from her in the form of two new beings.

Now think of your own life, and imagine feeling drained of life, disgusted by the turn of events, and/or unable to move forward. Does this provoke a memory of a past relationship? A job? A moment in time?

Now inject your emotions into your birth scene.


Angie said...

Great advice. We just talked about this at a workshop I went to this weekend. You have to put your own heart on the page or there won't be any heart in your story.

Joylene said...

It sounds so simple you'd think everybody does it. Strange that they don't. I love emotion in a scene. It's what keeps me reading. Great post, Cher.

Cher Green said...

Angie and Joylene,

Thank you both for stopping by. Yes it seems simple, but I believe it may be something a writer starts with but then loses it along the way. The same as some lose certain emotions in a relationship as time goes by. In both, we must fight to keep it alive.

Best wishes to you both,

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