Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How important are the goals you set?

As we prepare to finish up the year and step toward a new one, this is a great time to review and/or set goals. As an artist, it is important to set attainable goals. If you make goals too large, you may feel stressed and this can lead to not achieving those goals.

One way to avoid this is to make two goal lists.

The first is a list of what you wish to achieve in a long period of time, like by the end of the year. Be as specific with your list as you can and make the goal personally achievable.

Bad goal - Publish a novel. (This depends too much on someone else, unless you plan to self-publish.)
Good goal - Write a novel. (The writing is up to you, not another.)

The second list would be the tasks which need to be achieved to reach the larger goal(s).

A breakdown of the goal - write a novel. Depending on your process - plotter or pantser - this goal needs to be broke down into smaller tasks.

A plotter's list may look like: plot beginning, plot middle, plot end, character charts, etc. The smaller you can break down the tasks, the easier it will be to stick to your goals.

A panster, moving straight into the writing, may go with something like: write 500 words per day, or write 2000 words per week. As you move forward the goals will change, like: edit/revise chapter one, chapter two, etc.

These goals need to be adapted to your life, or your life will need to be adapted to your goal settings.

Focus is important when setting your goals. Prioritizing is also important. If you have more than one goal for the year, such as a different interest you wish to explore, itemize these goals according to importance. If you scatter yourself too much, you may find the goals unattainable. 

I wish you all good luck with setting and achieving your goals.


Aubrie said...

Uh oh...gotta get rid of those bad goals! Great post. Good luck with your goals for the new year. :)

Cher Green said...

Thanks Aubrie, Good luck with yours also.

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