Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flash Fiction at Raven and the Writing Desk

The ladies at Raven and the Writing Desk invited me to join in their June fun. The theme for the month is rose gardens.

My flash fiction piece, "The Rose Garden Ritual", is available on the blog for your reading pleasure.

My story found great company with Lisa Rusczyk's, "Jasper", and Cherie Reich's "A Killer Rose Garden", also available on the blog.

If that's not enough roses for you, a past publication, "Roses of Tomorrow", over at Spinetinglers, may interest you.

Take a break in your day to smell the roses.

Happy Wednesday!


Aubrie said...

Great story! I'm so glad you came to join us!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, Thanks.

Joylene Butler said...

Checking it out, Cher. Ah, the joy of gardening.

Anonymous said...

Joylene, if you only knew. You HAVE to read Roses of Tomorrow, you'll never look at your roses the same, :)

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