Saturday, August 7, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Twelve - Day Six

Combining Creative Processes

Many exercises during this course asked you to try a different method of expressing creativity. Now, what would happen if you combine these processes? Let's give it a try.

You painters who wrote a story, try painting a picture based on the story you wrote.

You writers who drew a picture, try writing a story based on the drawing.

I consider Tarot cards a form of creativity. You connect with your inner guide. You find a connection with the cards, their images, and other aspects and you form an interpretation for the client or yourself. Try creating a story from a layout of three cards.

You may also try combining baking or gardening into your creativity. Draw a picture of someone doing these activities. Have your story character be involved in these creative methods.

Whatever you combine, it doesn't have to result in a master piece. Have fun with this.

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