Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Ten - Day Two

There are two blocks that you may not recognize as blocks. These are competitions and originality.

Entering competitions is fine, but don't write with the focus of being better than another. Each writer is different and each will find they are best at certain areas of the craft. Striving toward being the best that you can be is a great goal, but don't judge this progress by any others work.

This leads us to the second block, originality. There is no original story anymore. We are merely seeing the old brought into new light. If you worry about being original, remember that it is the process of creating that is original, for your way will be different from any others. You are the origin of your art.

Do you suffer from these blocks? If you do, take a moment and explore ways of overcoming these blocks.

I will confess I have suffered from both of these blocks to a certain extent.

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