Saturday, July 24, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Ten - Day Six

Dry Seasons

In any creative life, there will be dry seasons.

Life will lose its pleasures and work will feel mechanical. During this drought, doubts will form life and grow rapidly.

Droughts do end and clarity will once again clear away the doubts.

But some artists get trapped in the dry season and have a hard time accepting the rain when it comes.

To avoid being captured within the dryness and doubts, continue to write even during the dry season. Your words may never see light, but it is important to keep at it. Once clarity has returned, you may be surprised at what you produced during the dry spell. Some creations can grow without water.

The morning pages are a great way to keep on top during the drought. If this is the only writing you do, it will be better than none at all.

Keep writing and keep creating.


Aubrie said...

I write the best in the morning or really late at night. Great analogy.

Anonymous said...

I think that's my best time also Aubrie. Really anytime works, but it's the whole butt in seat thing I have trouble with.

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