Monday, July 19, 2010

the Artist's Way - Week Ten - Day One

Week Ten - Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection

Creativity is energy that flows through us. When we are clear about - who we are and what we are doing, the energy flows freely. When we resist, we often suffer from a shaky and out of control feeling. We want to shut down this free flowing vibe and recover a sense of control.

We block.

Each artist will reach for different blocks. As we become more aware of out blocking devices, the block will no longer work effectively. It takes grace and courage to surrender our blocking devices. They have become our companions, our crutch, and our friends when we experience the anxiety of being out of control.

Make a list of possible blocks. Which one makes you angry or upset at even thinking of giving it up? This will be the most important one to face and be rid of.

Possible blocks are: Food, work, sex, love obsessions, drugs, alcoholism, friends, family,. These blocks are where you turn when you become anxious or panicky. They are there when you need an excuse not to be creative.

List as many as you can think of and take your time to explore all possibilities.

1. I have a tendency to think about housework right in the middle of the flow of words.

2. I need a cigarette is another favorite interruption.

3. My coffee cup is empty is right there with that cigarette.

Some will consider the cigarette and perhaps even the coffee a type of drug. And these are items that can both block you mentally and physically.

What do you use to block yourself from creating?


Aubrie said...

My blocks are:

email, coffee, food, TV, sleep!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie, yes I guess I should throw email in there.

Vicky said...

Allow your cigarette, coffee and housework breaks to give you clues in what to write.

If you view these activities to be enhancements rather than blocks, and if you watch them carefully, paying attention to the details, they can bring a sense of realness and richness to your writing.

If you focus on these mundane tasks while you do them, and think about them as part of your writing process, you will feel less guilty about having to do regular stuff. Because actually this stuff can contribute to the art.

At least that's what I tell myself. Where's my coffee? :)

Anonymous said...


I've actually came up with my best ideas while drinking a cup of coffee and having my cigarette. But, the cigarettes really have to go, which will probably mean the coffee will too. Last time I quit, coffee just wasn't the same. Of course the matter of quitting is an entirely different issue. Welp, time for cigarette break, have a great day.

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